Let’s think of a storage room as a place where we keep different objects, where we also leave memories and knowledge, a place where unexpected things can appear. How could we make that stuff available to many? Could we apply workers’ principles of self-organization, solidarity and resistance to cultural creation? A movement to hold is an open archive of artistic representations, which focuses on revisiting immaterial, critical and non hegemonic experiences. Through a series of performances, interventions and presentations we will share different creative processes with the aim of rethinking collective creation and criticality. A movement to hold is thus an archive for art in movement and for social movements, a storage room to which it is possible to go in search of ideas and knowledge.

A movement to hold is a project initiated by curator Alba Folgado and inspired by workers’ self-organization and solidarity strategies. Its objective is to promote social and creative networks, while contributing to the democratization of culture and knowledge. Its structure also requires of multiple collaborations, as those established with Uppsala Konstnärsklubb, Uppsala Stadsbiblioteket, Ateljéföreningen Hospitalet, Grafikens Hus, MDT, Hägerstensåsens Medborgarhus and many more to come.

Presentations and activations of A Movement to Hold take place in very different places. Both, international and local projects are presented.


Project leader and curator: Alba Folgado 
Production and development 2024: Köttinspektionen Dans & Konst.
Visual Identy: Paloma Mariné
Photos: Miguel Martinez, Lyktan, Sam Hultin, Sandi Hilal, Ulrika Flink, Johnny Chang.
Collaborations: Köttinspektionen, Uppsala Stadsbibliotek, Ateljéföreningen Hospitalet, Uppsala Konstnärsklubb, MDT (Stiftelsen Moderna Dansteatern), Samlade Tankar / Collecting Thoughts (Grafikens Hus), Hägerstensåsens Medborgarhus, SLU University.

Troughout 2024-2025 A Movement to Hold and its programme of activities is supported by Kulturrådet.

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