MayDay Rooms

An archive, resource and safe haven for social movements, experimental and marginal cultures.

Johnny Chang

On situated archives and libraries. An investigation around aesthetics of gathering, and terms and methods of access.

Moving through the archive - Johnny Chang & MayDay Rooms

A look into critical archiving and organizing access. Including perspectives on how social movements and marginalised communities can benefit from using disident collections.

Ar Utke & Fake Daughter

On collectivity, queerness and creativity as forming elements of a club scene. 

Diversorium - Maria Oliver & Veronica Valentini

A space in which to come together celebrate, and "move" beyond the discrimination that separate our communities.

Vård och Värde - Ulrika Flink

Exploring the conditions of care work from a feminist perspective, focusing on different generations, groups, backgrounds and experiences.

Al-Madhafah - Sandi Hilal 

A work activating the rights of temporary people to host and not to be eternally a guest

Eva-Lisa’s Monument - Sam Hultin

An ongoing memory work about the lesbian activist and trans pioneer Eva-Lisa Bengtson (1932-2018).


An online magazine reflecting on: Multilingualism, culture, comunication, journalism, social issues.

The Non-Functional Library - Mireia Rocher

An ongoing intervention about:
Books, communication, understanding, language, barriers.

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