Moving through the archive - Johnny Chang & MayDay Rooms

A look into critical archiving and organizing access. Including perspectives on how social movements and marginalised communities can benefit from using disident collections.

Ar Utcke & Fake Daughter

On collectivity, queerness and creativity as forming elements of a club scene. 

Diversorium - Maria Oliver & Veronica Valentini

A space in which to come together celebrate, and "move" beyond the discrimination that separate our communities.

Vård och Värde - Ulrika Flink

Exploring the conditions of care work from a feminist perspective, focusing on different generations, groups, backgrounds and experiences.

Al-Madhafah - Sandi Hilal 

A work activating the rights of temporary people to host and not to be eternally a guest

Eva-Lisa’s Monument - Sam Hultin

An ongoing memory work about the lesbian activist and trans pioneer Eva-Lisa Bengtson (1932-2018).


An online magazine reflecting on: Multilingualism, culture, comunication, journalism, social issues.

The Non-Functional Library - Mireia Rocher

An ongoing intervention about:
Books, communication, understanding, language, barriers.

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