Image: Al-Madhafah, courtesy of Sandi Hilal

Al-Madhafah (The Living-room project)
Artist: Sandi Hilal
A living-room based in Boden and activated throughout different locations. 

Activation in the framework of A Movement to Hold: 18 March 2023, 12-2 pm at Uppsala Konstnärsklubb

Located between the domestic and the public sphere, Al-Madhafah, in Arabic, is the living room dedicated to hospitality. It has the potential to subvert the role of guest and host and give a different socio-political meaning to the act of hospitality. It seeks to mobilize the condition of permanent temporariness as an architectural and political concept able to challenge the binaries of inclusion and exclusion, public and private, guest and host. It activates the rights of temporary people to host and not to be eternally a guest, the right to claim life in the new destination but without feeling obliged to revoke the desire to belong to the life back home.

More information about the project (in Swedish)

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