Image: ‘Echoes’. Courtesy of Ar Utke.

Ar Utke / Fake Daughter
Utke presented ‘Echoes’ and ‘Fake Daughter’, two projects about collectivity, queerness and creativity as forming elements of a club scene.

Presentation in the framework of A Movement to Hold: 25 March 2023 at MDT (Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm)

Fake Daughter is an art club collective based in Stockholm initiated by Jon Ely Xiuming, Foad Arbabi, Vincent Duraud and Ar Utke Ács. Fake daughter is a reoccurring format at Höjden (Stockholm) and has also collaborated with local organisations such as Konsthall C, MDT, Cyklopen, etc.

fake daughter wants to uplift BIPOC artists

fake daughter is queering the space

fake daughter wants to uplift trans people

fake daughter is working against gentrification

fake daughter wants to uplift disabled artists

fake daughter is a social justice network

fake daughter is an experiment in creative solidarity

fake daughter believes in art as a collective force

fake daughter wants to take care of you

fake daughter is not lagom

fake daughter is ojante

More about Fake Daughter here.

Echoes is an affective landscape: a glitch between the virtual and tangible. The performance is a choreographic total-installation and embodies a tactile landscape that circludes performers as well as audience. echoes is expanding perspectives on emotional states and confines of bodies. Through social choreographies, scenographic installation, sound and light, the piece portrays affective states suspended in time. echoes is a performance that is experienced within and outwards, starting from the surface of the skin and the multitude of the senses. A polyphony of paradoxical states that the audience steps into and becomes immersed into. echoes is investigating how a single body can hold several emotional states and how a collective body can hold an emotion together. echoes is co-produced with MDT and Dansehallerne and MDT. The piece is created by choreographer Ar Utke Ács in collaboration with artist Tove Dreiman, light designer Christoffer Lloyd, composer Soho Rezanejad and performers Suvi Kemppainen, Louisa Yaa Aisin, Escarleth Romo Pozo and Mirabella Paidamwoyo in collaboration with local performers.

Ar Utke Ács is working as an artist within contemporary dance and an expanded understanding of choreography. They work with the poetics and politics of the body in the seams of performance, dramaturgy, text, installation, the social and the imaginary. Ács holds an education in Dance Performance from Stockholm University of the Arts and is currently based in Copenhagen and Stockholm. They work within performing and visual arts as a dancer, organiser and artist, locally and internationally.

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