Artist: Patrick Kretschek
Editors: Lars Lovén, Ava Rasolpour
Texts by different authors in various languages

Activation in the framework of A Movement to Hold: 26 March 2022, 2-4pm at Ateljéföreningen Hospitalet

is a multilingual cultural magazine aiming to enhance the value of the different languages and cultures that coexist in the Swedish territory. Articles are written in Russian, Arab, Italian, French and Swedish, among other languages, and deal with current issues on art, culture and multilingualism. Additionally, the project engages with the idea of “art for all”, the motus of its head-organization, Konstfrämjandet Västmanland. Through a public activation of Lyktan at Ateljéföreningen Hospitalet, Lars Lovén and Ava Rasalpour will re-connect with the magazine’s trajectory and reflect on its intrinsic artistic character.

Read more about Lyktan or go to its articles here.

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