The Non Functional Library at Uppsala Stadsbibliotek, 2022. Photography: Miguel Martinez.

The Non-Functional Library
Artist: Mireia Rocher
Ongoing performance at varios public and secret places

Activation in the framework of A Movement to Hold: 19 March 2022, 1-3pm at Uppsala Stadsbiblioteket

In The Non-Functional Library a selection of books from Uppsala’s Stadsbibliotek are subject to the action of Mireia Rocher, who by turning them around aims to create a visual and psychological intervention. After the performance, the books will be showing their white pages to the room, without any information written in them or a reference that could guide us in our attempt to understand their reality. The subsequent white shelfs allude to the space where failed communication seats, to the impossibility of connecting with daily situations in unfamiliar contexts and the frustration of a constant and unrewarding effort.

Read more about the artist Mireia Rocher here.

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